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Order a prescription?

We are giving out a drug repeat card which you should bring in when ordering your repeat. It has both your original brand and generic drug on it for ease of memory. Please allow at least 48 hours for your prescriptions to be dealt with

Repeat prescriptions are normally 3 monthly for GMS and 6 monthly for Private patients. Please note these may be shorter if you need a review of the medication

Generic prescribing

We are generically (non trade name) prescribing as per current recommendations on most drugs. Current law allows most drugs to be substituted at the pharmacy for a cheaper alternative.  If you need a specific trade name please specify do not substitute when ordering.

Generic drugs are the same chemical and work in exactly the same way and are more cost effective. Cheaper does not mean worse rather better value. This is true for private prescriptions and GMS as you will have to pay a top up for more expensive brands on many drugs as per the HSE.  click here for more info